The Perfect GRE Score

What Is The GRE

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a standardized test used for admission to graduate programs across the United States. The test has been administered since 1949, and it underwent a significant change in structure in August 2011. The GRE is designed to test for skills that will predict success in graduate school. The weight given to GRE scores differs between schools and programs but rest assured a perfect GRE Score will get you in.

What’s In It

The GRE consists of three sections: verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. The verbal and quantitative sections are multiple choice. The verbal section mperfect gre scoreeasures reading comprehension and vocabulary. It’s broken down into two thirty minute subsections that each have twenty questions on them. You’ll have to fill in sentences with multiple blanks, determine sentence equivalences, and answer questions about short and long reading passages.

The quantitative section assesses a number of basic math skills. This section also has two sections, and you are given 35 minutes for each. It covers the subjects of algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis. The tested math skills are equivalent to a high school level, and it doesn’t include subjects like calculus or trigonometry.

The analytical writing section requires you to write two timed essays. One essay is called “Analyze an Issue Task” and the other is “Analyze an Argument Task”. This section tests your ability to form a cohesive argument and support it using evidence.

Computer based tests may also include experimental sections. These can be verbal, quantitative, or analytical writing sections, and they will not be graded. Including breaks, the test takes a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How The GRE Is Graded

Prior to August 2011, the GRE was scored on an 800 point scale similar to the SAT. The verbal and analytical sections are now graded on a scale of 170, and 130 is the lowest score possible. They use a grading scale of one-point increments. The analytical writing section is graded on scale of six points. Six is the highest grade, and one is the lowest. You can also receive scores with half-points. The final score for the writing section is an average of the scores for the two essays.

Getting A Perfect GRE Score

A perfect GRE score is rare and difficult to achieve. It means getting a combined score of 340 on the verbal and quantitative sections, and score of 6 on the writing section. In all likelihood, the graduate school you’re applying to is not looking for a perfect GRE score. Graduate programs want to know that you’re able to use reason and logic in solving problems. The average score for both sections is around a 150, and standards will vary based on the type of program to which you’re applying.

If you want a perfect GRE score, you’ll need to begin studying for the test early and consistently. It is important to learn common GRE vocabulary words and to review strategies for reading comprehension. Studying for the quantitative section will require an excellent understanding of the basic types of math. There are many books and study aids for the GRE, and practice tests are available online through the Educational Testing Service. You can take the GRE as many times as you want, so if you don’t achieve the perfect score the first time, you’ll have another chance.