The Importance of a High SAT Score

On several Saturday mornings during the course of the year, students will enter a classroom to sit for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, otherwise known as the SAT. Some of these students will take the test seriously. Others will have no desire to sit for hours to take a test that they feel they will do poorly on. Those who do not plan on going to college might do the worst of all. The SAT is one of the major criteria that colleges and universities use when they make acceptance decisions for incoming college freshmen.  Earning a high SAT score is critical for your chances at college admission and scholarships.

It is important to get a high SAT score for a couple of major reasons. Some people brag about their standardized test scores, but pride is not one of the main concerns when it comes to this important test. Students need to try their best on the SAT because a higher score will make acceptance at good schools more likely. Students who ace the test will be more likely to get into schools like Duke, Stanford or the Ivies. Getting a score near the middle of the pack in the 1500 range will get a student into some mid-level state programs. Those who do really poorly on the SAT will be relegated to the open-enrollment schools that take just about anyone with a GED or high school diploma. The closer a student is to the magical number of a perfect 2400, the more likely he or she is to get into the most prestigious schools. Of course, a high SAT score will not be the only criteria used, but a poor score can disqualify a hopeful student.

A High SAT Score Can Lead To Scholarships

Another major reason whHigh SAT Scorey students should try to do well on the SAT is the importance that certain scholarships will place on the test. Some scholarship committees set a minimum score for those who want to apply for college funding. Those who fall below the minimum have no chance. The most lucrative scholarships are very competitive, and a score close to a perfect 2400 will be necessary to catch the eyes of those making the final decisions. With the high cost of a college education, those from modest backgrounds should do their best to appeal to the major scholarship opportunities.

It is possible to prepare for the SAT test beforehand. Many colleges and universities will offer prep classes that take place in the evenings or on weekends to help students who want to get a high SAT score. Additionally, the College Board offers students the chance to take some practice tests before sitting for the real thing. These practice tests can go a long way toward alleviating fears that students might have as to the layout and the difficulty of the test itself. Finally, those who want to do well on the SAT might want to hire a tutor to explain any concepts that they might find especially challenging.

The SAT is a test that tends to strike fear into the hearts of students throughout the United States. It does not need to be this way. With preparation and hard work, each student will be ready to do his or her best on the SAT. Of course, getting a good score can really open some good doors for those who are able to get them. Therefore, the tension is quite understandable.