SAT Score Scholarships

The SAT is a standardized test that is administered by the College Board organization. It is the most widely accepted college admissions test for all over the United States. The SAT is also available in an additional 175 countries. The test can be signed up for online at the College Board website. The SAT tests a student’s ability in the areas of mathematics, critical reading, and writing. The better the score received, the better the student is projected to perform in the college setting and classroom environment. A high SAT score not only proves you belong in a top university but SAT score scholarships are also a great way to ease the financial burden of college.

Preparing for the SAT is very important. The average SAT score for the United States is 1500 out of 2400 possible points. The lowest score that you can get on a section is 200, and the highest score you can achieve on each section is 800. The average score for each section is around 500. Millions of people take the exam each year, and an extremely small percentage of students will make a perfect score. This score will be very acceptable in the average college, but to gain admission to an Ivy League college you must have a much higher score. Every college has its own set of score standards for admissions. While the SAT cost approximately $50, if a student scores high enough, he or she could receive SAT score scholarships worth severalSAT Score Scholarships thousand dollars.

The test will take almost four hours and features 10 timed parts. Questions include multiple-choice responses, student-produced responses and an essay question. Most colleges and universities require students to take the test before they can be admitted into college. In order to achieve the best possible score, individuals are encouraged to study prior to the test. Students have the opportunity to take the test numerous times each year. Most people take the test at least twice before applying to college.

Students who make above a 1500 will be accepted into many colleges and universities around the country. If a person has a score of below 1000, he will need good grades to get into some colleges. Individuals who wish to attend an Ivy League school will probably need a score above 2000. Most Harvard, Yale and Princeton scores exceed 2100. To get into UCLA, individuals will probably need a score of above a 1750, and individuals will need above 2000 to get into Stanford. SAT scoring can be much lower to be accepted into vocational schools and community colleges.

SAT score scholarships are scholarships awarded to a student with an exceedingly high score on the SAT test. Most universities offer full ride scholarships and partial funding tuition scholarships to students with good scores. Typically a student with a 3.8 GPA that attains a SAT score of a 1350 or above may be eligible to receive SAT score scholarships from some colleges. A score of less than 1350 will most likely not be given any scholarships for their SAT score.

For instance, the University of Indianapolis gives a half tuition scholarship to any student who student who graduates in the top five percent of their high school class and receives a score of 1270 or better on the SAT. Wilkes University in Pennsylvania offers scholarships to students that receive a 1350 or better on the SAT that range in value from $6000 to $13000. The University of Redlands in California offers a $1500 scholarship to any first year student with a graduating GPA of 3.5 or better that achieves a score 1100 or better on SAT. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Students should check with their choice of college to determine if there are scholarships that they may be eligible for.

Most colleges will offer Presidential Awards for individuals with high SAT scores. Another program based on preliminary SAT scores is the National Merit Scholarship Program.

SAT Score Scholarships Are Worth The Effort

SAT score scholarships can be of an immense value to students that need more funding to be able to afford to attend college. There are many websites online that offer free study guides. Some of the study guides can be found at web site for free. They also offer many study guides and books that can be purchased. Many libraries also have books and online study aides for students to access.

High School students that are sophomores or older should begin taking the SAT. Starting early can be essential because if the score a student desires isn’t reached on the first attempt of taking the test, they can take it again. The SAT score is so important. It can mean the difference in a student’s entire future. The score can make a student be able attain scholarships that allows them to attend college. Take this test seriously. The amount of scholarship money awarded is endless, so individuals need to explore all of their options. If a person’s SAT score is not great the first time the test is taken, he needs to retake the exam in order to get the best scholarship available.