What Is an ACT Score Report?

There are three different ACT Score Reports available. They include a student report, high school report and college report.

The student report includes your ACT scores and college and career planning information. This report takes about three to eight weeks to receive. It is sent to the address you give at the exam or registration.

The ACT score is based on a 1 to 36 point scale with 36 being the highest. The report will show both a composite score and a score for each section based on this scale. The composite score is the average of the individual scores for each section. The sections include Reading, English, Mathematics and Science.

The sub scores of each section are based on a 1 to 18 scale with 18 being the highest. However, these sub scores will not add up to the test score for that section. They are used for comparison only.

On the student report, you will see your percentile for both the composite and each section. This percentile will allow you to see how well you did compared to others who took the exam. If your percentile is 70, you did better than 70% of the people who took the test.

Three Types of ACT Score Report

In the college section of the student report, you can see information about individual colleges that you chose. The information will include the average scores, ranks and GPAs of enrolled first time students. The information will also show you some tuition and financial aid information for first time students. It will also verify if the program you want is offered at that college.

The second ACT Score Report is the high school report. This report is sent to your high school if you authorize it. It will be kept with your school records. The report will be the same as the one you will receive. It will also be received in three to eight weeks.

ACT Score ReportThe final ACT Score Report is the college report. It is sent to up to six colleges of your choice. You will have to list them and pay for them when you register for the test. It will be sent in three to eight weeks.

The college report will show everything that you will receive on your student score report. You can include the grades for up to thirty high school classes. The report may also include information on how well you may do in certain college classes and programs.