How to Get Your ACT Scores Online

Anyone who has taken the ACT test after October 1, 1966 and has an ACT student web account can get ACT Scores online. You can create a student web account, by visiting, clicking on the sign up/login icon and filling out the required information. When signing up, you need the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address

Online scores are only available for viewing for the following:

  • NATIONAL tests taken September 2007-present
  • INTERNATIONAL tests taken October 2007 -present (or October 2008 if you tested in Korea through Daekyo test services)
  • STATE tests taken Spring 2007-present
  • SCHOOL or DANTES tests taken October 2008-present

If you have taken the test before the above dates, you will not be able to view your scores on-line, but you can create an account to request reports to be sent to colleges and to order a copy of your scores.

When to Expect My Scores

If you have taken the ACT post-2007/2008 (depending on the type of test) and have created a student web account, you will be able to view your scores on-line after you receive your official score report in the mail. Test scores start becoming available on-line 2 1/2 weeks from the testing date. Scores are posted as they become available and all scores should be available within 8 weeks of the testing date (give an additional one to two weeks if your test was taken outside the U.S.). The ACT Plus Writing tests take an additional two weeks to score, so if you took this test, your scores will not be sent until this test is scored.

Can I View My ACT Scores Online Any Sooner?

Scores are able to be viewed after they have been graded, sent out, and posted on-line. You are able to request a priority report to be delivered to a U.S. institution, but this process only speeds up your ability to receive an official report, not the grading of your test. There is no way to speed up the grading of your test. Postings are updated weekly, but not reported any faster by viewing them on-line.

Where Are My Scores?

ACT Scores onlineTests are scored and results are sent out on a rolling basis. The first tests graded are finished within two and a half weeks of the testing date and should arrive within three to eight weeks of the test. Scoring of your test may take longer if:

  • Documents from the testing center were delayed or your test date was rescheduled.
  • You gave different information when registering than you did when you took the test (ex: birth date, name, or match number).
  • There is any question of accuracy related to the scoring of your test.
  • There are any issues at the testing center.
  • You have outstanding fees.
  • You tested off the wait-list.

If there are any issues with your testing documents, your scores will not be sent until these issues are resolved.