Obtaining GRE Scores Online

Students who have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) have a number of score delivery options available to them. Among those options are: receiving the scores by phone, waiting to receive the official score report by mail and receiving the GRE Scores Online.

However, the method by which the test is administered will affect the total amount of time that passes before the scores are reported. Students who take the computer based test will receive the scores for both the Qualitative and Verbal Reasoning at the conclusion of the test at the testing facility. Since the computer testing program is capable of scoring the test immediately, the scores can be delivered instantly. However, the Analytical Writing segment of the test must be scored by a live person who can properly assess a written document. At the conclusion of the test, this is sent to professional scorers who are then able to return the scores for this test. Students who have taken the computer based GRE can see their GRE score online in about 10-15 days on average.

gre scores onlineThose who choose to take the paper based test will have to have the entire test sent off to a scoring facility. It does take a considerably longer period of time for the scores to be returned. Students who have chosen to take the paper based GRE can expect to be able to see their GRE score online in a period of around six weeks.

In order for a student to see their GRE score online, they must first visit the web site at http://mygre.ets.org. Upon visiting the site, students will need to create an account if they do not already have one or log in to an existing account.

To sign up for a new account for online score viewing, students will need to provide information such as date of birth, social security number and address.

The type of information that is typically received on an online GRE score report is as follows:

General Test Scores

The students general test scores on the Verbal Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing are reported as a scaled score between 130-170 that changes in increments of one point. Prior to 2011, the scoring system used to be 200-800, but has since changed to this new system. The Analytical Writing score, however, has not changed and is still reported on a scale of 0-6. If the examinee has taken the test more than once in the past five years, all of the associated scores will be reported here as well.

GRE Scores Online – Percentile Rankings

In addition to the scores for the Verbal and Qualitative Reasoning as well as the Analytical Writing, the percentile ranking for each score is also reported. The purpose of the percentile ranking is to provide the examinee with a picture of where he or she stands in comparison to the rest of the students taking the exam on the same testing date. These percentile rankings are generally reported as a numerical percentage next to the score as well as in a graph.

The scores are sent directly to the institutions and fellowship sponsors requested when registering for the exam.