Minimum ASVAB Scores for each Military Branch

In order to enter United States military service, each perspective recruit must take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB.) Most people take a sample version at their recruiter’s office and again at a Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS. The ASVAB is administered on a computer and determines the applicant’s eligibility for military service as well as which jobs would be available to them should they be found qualified to enlist.  Different military jobs and military branches can require varying minimum ASVAB Scores.

One unique attribute of this exam is the fact that the questions are selected as the test is taken and therefore change in difficulty depending on whether the previous question was answered correctly. The test begins with a medium question and adjusts to the test taker’s ability in the given subject from there. Harder questions are worth more points than easier ones. Different branches require different minimum ASVAB scores. The total ASVAB score is also referred to as the AFQT score or Armed Forces Qualification Test score and the maximum score is 99 points.

To enter the United States Arminimum asvab scoresmy, minimum ASVAB scores of 31 are required. Although most entrants into the Army have a high school diploma, the Army accepts more recruits with a GED than any other service branch.

The United States Air Force requires a minimum ASVAB of 36. The Air Force accepts very few applicants that do not hold a high school diploma. Those with a GED must score at least a 65 on the test and even then have only a small chance of being accepted.

The United States Marine Corps requires perspective recruits to achieve an AFQT score of 32 or higher. It is very difficult to get in without a high school diploma. GED holders must score at least a 50 to be considered.

The United States Navy requires minimum ASVAB scores of 35 for active duty enlistees, although applicants for the reserve only need a 31. As with the Air Force and Marine Corps, very few applicants with a GED are accepted. These applicants must have at least a 50 on the test as well as references from their community.

For the United States Coast guard, a minimum AFQT of 40 is required, although a waiver may be available for certain jobs. Very few applicants without a high school diploma are accepted and must score at least a 50.

Changes to Minimum ASVAB Scores

Requirements for enlistment into all branches of the United States military are always changing. Minimum scores may go up or down and waivers may be available if these scores are not met. Recruiters have practice ASVAB tests that can give you an idea of how you might score on a full exam. If you are not meeting minimum ASVAB scores on these tests, consider purchasing a book to help you study or even borrowing one from your local library. Many of these texts come with a CD so you can practice and learn on your computer. It is in your best interest to score as high as possible because the higher you score, the more job choices you will have within your branch.