How to Get Your SAT Score Online

In the old days, students who took standardized tests had to wait for months to receive paper scores, which added increasing anxiety as they hoped to apply for colleges. Over the past few decades, the standardized testing procedures have become more streamlined, which is beneficial to you as a student. You can access your SAT score online in less than a month from when you take your exam.

In order to receive your online score reports, you will need to register with The College Board, the organization which administers the SAT and other standardized tests. You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, email address, date of high school graduation and basic statistical information such as gender and zip code in order to register for a test and view online scores.

When should I expect to see my SAT Score Online?

Generally, you may have access to your SAT score online about three weeks after taking the test. Some exceptions apply. Delayed paperwork, makeup exams and other factors may affect your ability to access your score online, but most people receive their scores online within three weeks. For example, students who took the June 1st test should be able to access their scores online on June 20th according to the College Board’s testing calendar. Once posted online, the scores are simultaneously sent to your high school and any colleges you identified at the time of registration. If you need to order more score reports or have them sent elsewhere, you can do so by logging into the website and paying additional fees.SAT Score Online

What does the report include?

The College Board has streamlined the viewing process for your SAT score online, which makes it easier for you to not only view your results but understand what you’re seeing. Past paper versions confused some people, but the online system now offers a detailed look at your score. The report includes:

  • Summary Results: A synopsis of the answers you got right and wrong as well as the composite scores.
  • Understanding Your Scores: Information on the scoring process and advice about whether to retake the SAT.
  • Your Score Details: A breakdown of the individual questions and answers.
  • Compare Your Score: Allows you to see how you did compared with national students.
  • Your Essay: A cope of your essay along with scoring information.

If I have issues with scoring, whom do I contact?

The College Board scores its tests using precise measurements, but if you doubt your score or want to make sure, you can order test verification services to double-check your responses and how they were scored. This may give you some peace of mind when it comes to your test as well as offer you a chance to see how the Board scores its tests. You can order testing verification services either during test registration or within five months after taking the test. The College Board verification service page offers additional information.