How Much Is the GRE?

The cost of the Graduate Record Examination test is varied with several sections, different fees, and financial help for those who qualify. In 2014, the Educational Testing Service made the test one price for everyone in the U.S. and for those in all other countries.

GRE Test Fees Effective January 2015

Other than the price of the general test, the costs associated with taking the GRE are optional or can be avoided. Decide how much you want to spend by referencing this list of fees. Planning ahead will save you time, secure you get what you want, and reduce the stress of taking the test. All fees are subject to taxation and can change without notice.

  • General test – $195
  • Change location – $50
  • Rescheduling – $50
  • Standby testing – $50
  • Late registration – $25

Optional Fees for Test Preparation

  • Preparation for computer-based test – free
  • Practice book (PDF) – free
  • Math review (PDF) – free
  • Math conventions (PDF)- free
  • The Test Maker’s Guide to Doing Your Best (video) – $7
  • Mobil App – $4.99
  • Tips & Strategies for the Verbal Reasoning Measure (video) – $7
  • Online writing practice for the general test – $20
  • Tips & Strategies for the Quantitative Reasoning Measure (video) – $7
  • Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, V1 (paperback or eBook) – $20 + shipping
  • The Official Guide to the general test (paperback, eBook, or CD) – $38 + shipping
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, V1 (paperback or eBook) – $20 + shipping

Scoring Services for the General Test

  • View scores online – free
  • Print a score report online – free
  • Candidate Profile Listing search services – free
  • Diagnostic service – free
  • Review Analytical Writing – $60
  • Order more than one score report, per student – $27
  • Review Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning – $50
  • Reinstatement – $50

GRE Subject Tests and Fees

The subject tests are meant for students with an undergraduate major in the particular discipline you wish to test for. The tests are paper-based, at a test center, and given three times a year, September, October, and April.

  • Subject tests – $150 worldwide
  • Rescheduling – $50
  • Changing exam location – $50
  • Late registration – $25
  • Changing the subject – $50
  • Standby testing – $50

Preparation and Score Servicing

  • Psychology Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Literature in English Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Physics Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Mathematics Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Chemistry Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • Biology Practice Book (PDF) – free
  • View scores, online – 1st one free
  • Print score report, online –1st one free
  • Request for more score reports – $27
  • Score review – $50
  • Score reinstatement – $50


How Much is the GRE?

How Much is the GRE?

Financial Aid

Educational Testing Service offers a Fee Reduction Certificate to those who qualify on a first-come, first-serve basis. These certificates can be used once for the general test and once for a subject test. Students who qualify and receive a Fee Reduction Certificate are required to pay 50% of the testing fee. If you are unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits, you qualify. You must be a resident alien or a U.S. citizen who is an un-enrolled college graduate or a college senior. There are a limited number of certificates so apply early.

Other Costs to Factor

Each State in the U.S. has many locations for the paper-based test. You may need to figure in the cost of travel, if there is not a location near you. Being financially prepared for the GRE test will give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on taking the test. Planning ahead and being prepared can make all the difference.