How Important is a High GRE Score?

When applying to an exceptional graduate school, it is important to meet the required criteria, one of which is a high GRE score. There are different requirements you have to submit together with your application form. You need your GPA, letters of recommendation, and personal statement. However, these schools place much weight on your GRE score. Having a high grade in this test can give you several advantages. In some schools, it can counter-balance a low GPA. Other schools may use this as a cutoff. In addition to this, a GRE has different sections, and scoring high in your chosen field can give you a better chance of being admitted.

About the GRE Test

Just like the ACT and SAT, the GRE test is a general test given to those who want to go to graduate school. It consists of 3 sections: the quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. The test lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Aside from assessing your aptitude in different skills, this test aims to evaluate if you can handle the usual workload in graduate school.

GRE Score’s Wehigh gre scoreight in Graduate School Admissions

While a high GRE score is impressive enough to get into the top graduate schools, your performance in the different sections can, more or less, gives more weight in particular subjects. If you are planning to enroll in mathematics program, your performance on the quantitative section will be given more importance. Just the same, you have to score high in your Analytic Writing and Verbal sections if you are applying for an English program.

What Is A High GRE Score?

A high score is from 160 to 170 points. The average test score in the tests taken from August 2011 to April 2012 is 150 to 151 points. To have an edge over other applicants, it is crucial to do your best to score high in all parts of the test. In case you score high in your chosen program-related section and get above average scores on the other sections, these will mean additional points. So, you should not take anything for granted and do your best in all parts of the test.

GRE Preparation

Getting a high GRE school can mean a lot to your future. It can get you into a good graduate school and it can, possibly, get you a scholarship. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare for this exam. You can study books such as ETS GRE Big Book and Kaplan GRE Exam Preparation. They have exercises that will enable you to practice and do well in the exams.

Other Requirements Needed to Apply For Graduate School

With numerous college graduates and professionals applying for the same graduate school, there is a stiff competition going on. The school will gauge you not only with the results of your GRE but also with the important documents that you are required to submit. You will need to provide them with a copy of your transcript of records, your GPA, letters of recommendation, personal statement and finally, your GRE score. It also pays to include your extra curricular activities and awards in your application form.


To get into the best graduate schools, a high GRE score really counts and the best way to achieve this is to be well prepared by studying and practicing.