Earn a High GRE Score Scholarship

The GRE revised General Test can help a student bring their career goals closer. The revised test was introduced in August 2011, and it features new question types and an overall new design. The test is designed to demonstrate if the student is ready for graduate-level work. The test is also divided into three sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. When a student receives a high GRE score, they are eligible for more scholarships to cover their tuition and board.

Some colleges offer a high GRE score scholarship to students if they qualify. For example, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers $10,000 for GRE scores that are over 1300. Oklahoma City University offers various GRE scholarship to students who have maintained a good academic standing, and to those who have received a strong GRE scores.

Each institution has it’s own requirements for giving out a high GRE score scholarship. It is important for the student to research the average GRE requirements for the programs that they are applying to. Once the student knows the general requirements, they can then set a goal to reach above the average GRE score. Students who receive a high GRE score scholarship are eligible for a full ride. This usually means that tuition, housing, and books are covered. However, different colleges have their own requirements, so it’s important that the student does their research. The GRE test isn’t cheap but it can pay big dividends in the form of scholarships. Even if the student does not receive a high GRE score, they still might be eligible for partial scholarships.

High GRE Score high gre score scholarshipsScholarship and Test Preparation

Preparing for the GRE is important. With the potential to receive full-ride and partial scholarships, it is crucial that the student tries to receive the best score possible. The GRE is not an indication of how intelligent a student might be, but it is designed to see how well the student can apply themselves in graduate school, and it is used to see how well-rounded they are. Students should also remember to take the GRE way before their college admission deadlines. This gives them enough time to retake the test if they are not happy with their score. Students will receive their official scores by mail in 10-15 days.

Taking a GRE prep course take help the student immensely. They are designed to specifically cover all three areas of the GRE test, and the tutoring classes do pay off. In addition, most of the GRE prep classes focus on critical thinking skills and they help students to get more familiar with the test and with the proven methods. Taking a practice test is a must for students. They need to become familiar with the test’s format, and they should not take it if they are not accustomed to it. The Educational Testing Services website has sample questions, essay responses, advice, and scoring guides. This resource can help the student become familiar with the test so they can score higher.

To prepare for the writing section the student should take a tough English course. Students who practice their writing skills before taking the test usually score better. There are two essays in the analytical section and the average student spends roughly one-third of their time allotted on it. Taking a few rigorous English and writing college classes will better prepare the student for the GRE.