Barron’s ACT Flash Cards Review

Standardized tests are one of the most important tools colleges use to evaluate their applicants, but as school systems become more and more pressed for time and resources, many high school students are not getting the test preparation they need. As a result, students and parents must take it upon themselves to embark on a test prep regimen using test preparation materials with proven results. Enter Barron’s ACT Flash Cards. Using these cards as part of a test preparation curriculum can help prepare students for one of the most important tests of their lives. Moreover, because of the cards’ versatility, portability, and proven results, they can do so in a way that sets them apart from the typical review books and study guides. This Barron’s ACT Flash Cards Review points out some of the positive features including the less than $12 price tag.

Barron's ACT Flash Cards ReviewA Different Method

A teenager is so inundated with school books, review sheets, study guides, and other test preparation materials that it is easy for one more review book to get lost in the shuffle of it all. Flash cards, on the other hand, are an option that seems more manageable. If you or your teen are struggling to prepare for the ACT Test, Barron’s ACT Flash Cards are tools that stand out from the typical sea of study guides.


The student can take one unit, such as Science Reasoning, in his or her backpack and work on those cards throughout the week. Likewise, he or she could also take a few from each category to lend a bit of variety to the study routine. Barron’s ACT Flash Cards are a great way to study when one does not have time to sit down for a 45-minute ACT English practice test.


With this review system, the student has the option of answering a couple of ACT review questions while waiting for the bus. He or she can go over a few cards while getting ready for school in the morning. Parents can even join in over the dinner table in an effort to make a game out of it. The ACT Flash Cards  from Barron’s even gives students the option of attaching the cards to the included key ring so that the student can flip through them easily and conveniently. That way, the teenager will not end up with a messy, disorganized pile of cards at the bottom of a backpack.

Barron’s ACT Flash Cards Review Summary

Founded in 1941, the Barron’s Educational Series has long been a trusted source for test preparation materials. This Barron’s ACT Flash Cards Review is an excellent study method on its own, or it can be used to supplement another Barron’s ACT prep regimen. Teachers, parents, and students can all utilize this type of review to bring added depth to their standardized test review.