Baron’s ACT 36 Aiming for the Perfect Score Review

barrons-act-36-aiming-for-the-perfect-scoreA student who is serious about their higher education goals knows that preparation for the ACT is necessary in order to score high enough to be considered at the finest schools in the nation. There are many self-help resources available on the market these days. But there is only one that gets right down to business with the necessary information needed without any fluff or unnecessary gimmicks and coaching: Barron’s ACT 36 Aiming for the Perfect Score

Barron’s Act 36 Aiming for the Perfect Score

The Barron’s ACT 36 offers excellent strategies and advice in English, math, reading, science and the optional writing. Students who have used the guide have reported improvements in their overall scores. The guide teaches how to tackle difficult questions on the ACT examination. Students will learn how to read with high retention and more efficiently.

Here are some questions some students have had prior to purchasing the Barron’s ACT 36;

• How much is it?
You can find Barron’s ACT 36 for less than $10 on

• Do I need to purchase separate books for each section of the ACT exam?
No, the Barron’s ACT 36 covers all the subjects on the examination including the optional writing section.

• Do I need to purchase more than one type of ACT preparation book to improve my test score?
No, the Barron’s ACT 36 covers everything you will need to prepare and improve your ACT score.

• Are there practice tests to take?
Yes, each section has a sample test to help prepare the student for the actual questions asked on the ACT examination.

• Is there any way to have more practice tests?
Yes, the Barron Act comes both with and without an optional CD. The CD is a full length practice test containing 50 challenging questions with answers.

• What are the PC requirements to use the CD?
The CD requires Windows 7, Vista, XP or Donna.

The key to using the Barron’s ACT 36 Aiming for the Perfect Score is practice. The guide teaches students how to strengthen their skills by applying the principles and information they have learned in their respective classes and applying them to useful strategies to succeed. Information in this book is incredibly clear and concise. It is important to follow the book from beginning to end to efficiently gain the tools necessary to increase your ACT score.

The practice tests are hard! They are much harder than other practice tests found on the market today. These tests are prepared to push students to the limits in order to increase their test scores from the ACT exam. Students who have used this book to prepare for the examination have been greatly satisfied with the increase in their scores.

The Con’s of The Barron’s Act 36 Aiming for the Perfect Score:

• The book is not an instructional book. It does not teach students information on the subjects. Nor does it teach any principles. It is advisable for students to review these techniques prior to starting the applicable section in the book. An example of items students may wish to review are; (math) properties of an isosceles triangle, area, perimeters, regular polygons and reflective properties.

• The Science section cannot be quickly reviewed. The 5-6-7 method requires some work to learn the techniques associated with the section in order to apply the principle. The Barron’s Act book does state this section is not one to lightly skip through and take the practice tests out of order. The Science section must be followed from beginning to end in order to effectively grasp the information.

Barron’s ACT 36 will help students increase their ACT scores. The book contains a lot of tips and strategies that are straight forward and easy to apply. Students who have used this book not only found their scores improved, but they were better prepared on what to expect going into the examination.